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Digital Radiography

Our Smiles 'R' Us Office is now utilizing the new and exciting technology known as digital radiography. With the introduction of high-resolution digital sensors, we have now reached the point where the diagnostic capabilities of digital systems surpass the diagnostic capability of film. This is the first fundamental change in radiology in over 100 years. The system replaces film with a special sensor. The sensor detects radiation and transmits information to a computer. The software then immediately displays the image on the 18 inch color LED computer monitor that we have had mounted in our operatories for the last few years.

This technology has some clear advantages over conventional dental radiographs:

1. Digital radiographs require 75% less radiation to create an image than film.

2. No chemicals are used in developing the images. This is good for our environment.

3. The images you see of your teeth are instantly displayed on the LED monitor. We will be able to review your teeth and supporting bone with you during our thorough examinations.

4. Once an image is digitized, it can be manipulated electronically. We can enlarge areas or change contrast to bring out greater detail, thus making it easier for us to diagnose problems.

Our Services

We hope that you enjoy this new technology next time you are at our office. It truly is an exciting new advance in the field of dentistry.

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